Schlage BE469NXCAM619 Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Nexia Home Intelligence and Alarm, Satin Nickel (Z-Wave)

January 30, 2014 - Comment

Schlage BE469NX Touchscreen Deadbolt At Schlage, we know security. After all, we’ve been innovating locks for more than 90 years. Now, with the Touchscreen Deadbolt, we’ve created a door lock that combines all of our best security features into one lock—redefining what it means to be secure. With our innovative touchscreen feature, you have the

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Schlage BE469NX Touchscreen Deadbolt

At Schlage, we know security. After all, we’ve been innovating locks for more than 90 years. Now, with the Touchscreen Deadbolt, we’ve created a door lock that combines all of our best security features into one lock—redefining what it means to be secure. With our innovative touchscreen feature, you have the convenience of going keyless and no longer having keys to lose, hide, carry or forget. The fingerprint-resistant touchscreen ensures numbers won’t be detectable to intruders after repeated use—safeguarding your home even more.

At a Glance
With Nexia you can:

Grant entry to your home from anywhere when you need to let someone in but can’t get there

Set Nexia to send you instant text or email alerts when certain family members use their codes, so you always know who’s home

Set a recurring code to let someone like a housekeeper in every week during a specific time frame, or set up a one-time code for a guest you want to let in for a set time period

Set Nexia to automatically trigger “lights on” with a Schlage home keypad lock when you enter your code at the door

Reduce energy use and save money by turning lights off after you leave the house

At a Glance BE469NRX Overview BE469NX Overview
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Schlage BE469NX Touchscreen


ANSI Grade 1 – Delivers the highest level of durability and security at the main points of entry.

Durable Resistive Touchscreen – Fingerprint-resistant touchscreen protects against fingerprints and smudges and ensures wear patterns remain undetectable.

Motorized Bolt – Tapered bolt design that automatically locks and unlocks when user code is input.

Auto-lock Feature (disabled by default) – If the door is left unlocked the deadbolt will relock automatically after 30 seconds, as an added security measure.

Built-in Alarm Technology – Audible alerts to potential security threats.


Keyless Security – Never have to worry ab9out keys to lose, hide, carry or forget.

Easy Installation – Standard lock design fits most one-hole residential door preps. Installation requires only a screwdriver and no wiring needed.

Auto-handing Feature – intuitively detects the direction the bolt needs to be thrown during installation

Programming – Program user codes right at the lock or via Nexia Home Intelligence portal.

Nexia-enabled – Allows for remote locking and unlocking.


The Schlage BE469NX is BHMA/ANSI Grade 1 certified, the highest residential rating. Built from high quality materials, this keyless deadbolt gives you the highest level of security at the main point of entry. Additionally, the Schlage BE469NX door lock comes with a built-in audible alarm sensor that alerts you to activity at the door. You can select between 3 alert modes, activity, tamper, or forced entry, providing alerts from first contact with door or handle to when the door is opened. Quickly and easily cycle between the three settings simply by pressing a button on the lock.

How will a keypad lock work for you

Busy Family

Don’t worry about your child losing or forgetting their key. With a Schlage electronic lock, each member of the family can have their own 4-digit code that will be easy to remember. If relatives are visiting, program a temporary code for their stay.

Outdoor enthusiast

Going for a jog or a ride? With a keyless lock, you don’t have to carry a bulky key chain or worry about losing your keys along the way. Simply press the Schlage button and the motorized deadbolt will lock the door, and use your personal code to unlock when you return.

Pet Lover

Keypad locks allow you to give your neighbor or pet sitter a code of their own while you are away. When you return, simply delete the code from the lock. All programming can be done from the keypad; there is no need to remove the lock from the door.

Rental or Vacation Home Owner

Reduce headaches and costs from replacing locks and exchanging keys. Install a touchscreen deadbolt on your rental property and save yourself the hassle, and offer your renters added convenience. When your renter moves out, simply change the code.

What is Nexia Home Intelligence

Nexia Home Intelligence is a new way to run your home, from wherever life takes you, by bringing together the best home automation technology with a simple way to manage it from a distance. We’re all busy, on the go and being pulled in a hundred different directions. That makes staying on top of what’s happening at home especially hard. Our system, brought to you by leading household brands Schlage and Trane, uses the latest wireless technology—out of the way and invisible—so there’s nothing to figure out. With Nexia, you can make your house behave the way you want it to — control locks, lights, thermostats, cameras and more, all from your computer or smart phone.

Supported by leading household brands, such as Schlage and Trane, Nexia lets you affordably manage your home the way you want as your needs grow. With the use of a Nexia home bridge, you can wirelessly connect most Z-Wave based products to your home network. Gradually build your system with cameras, locks, lighting and small appliance controls, thermostats and sensors over time, or implement a complete home security and energy management solution from day one.

Nexia Remote Monitoring Service

To utilize the great features of remote access and control your Nexia Home Intelligence system provides, a monthly subscription of $9.99 required. Your service subscription comes with a free one-month trial period that enables you to experience the benefits of this system before billed. There are no contracts or cancellation fees, and any unused months will be refunded. Additionally, the Nexia Home Intelligence system requires the Nexia Home Bridge (sold separately) for wireless connectivity.

Warranty Information

The Schlage BE469NX is backed by a Lifetime Limited mechanical and finish warranty and 1-year electronics warranty.

What’s in the Box

The Schlage BE469NX includes a touchscreen deadbolt with one back-up key, four AA batteries, and user guide and installation instructions.


*If you plan to use this product with Z-wave systems other than Nexia Home Intelligence, please contact your Z-Wave provider to verify compatibility.

System Features

Schlage Keypad Deadbolt Family   BE469
BE469 Touchscreen Deadbolt BE369
BE369 Keypad Deadbolt BE365
BE365 Keypad Deadbolt Deadbolt Throw Motorized Manual Manual Built-in Alarm Yes No No Connects to Nexia Home Intelligence Yes

Monthly Fee Required


Monthly Fee Required

No Entry Fingerprint-resistant


Wear-resistant buttons

on keypad

Wear-resistant buttons

on keypad

ANSI Grading Grade 1 (Highest) Grade 2 (Higher) Grade 2 (Higher) Wiring Required No No No Styles Available BE469 BE369 BE365

Product Features

  • ANSI Grade 1 Highest Residential Security
  • Durable Resistive Touchscreen with matte finish to protect against fingerprints and smudges
  • Anti-pick shield protects against lock tampering
  • Strong motorized bolt automatically locks and unlocks when a user code is entered
  • Built-in Alarm Technology senses movement of the door and alerts homeowners with an audible alert


MJC "mjc" says:

Nexia subscription is too high and too limiting. I’m just not happy with Schlage’s lock or their attempt to force me into yet another monthly subscription service, Nexia.In sum, to get full functionality from this product, it’s too expensive compared to superior alternatives. Also, it will bloat your iPhone / Android with yet another app that only controls one or two devices, when there are other, free alternatives that will give you one app that will control everything.I tried the Schlage lock, but purchased the Kwikset version (Z-wave) to install into four doors at our home. Here’s why:The Lock:The lock operates via the touchscreen reasonably well, installation is more difficult than installing a standard deadbolt and requires that (if you are replacing older deadbolts as I did, that existing deadbolt holes are precisely aligned. If you have a hard time turning your deadbolt key without pushing / pulling / jiggling the door, you probably need to address that before installing any…

Jonathan Birge says:

A bit expensive, but worth it if you don’t care about Z-wave If you’re considering this lock you really only have one of two choices to make: this one or the . There is another, older version of a Z-wave lock from Schlage that is cheaper, but it doesn’t actually MOVE the deadbolt. All it can do is enable or disable the ability of a person to turn the deadbolt–if you leave the door unlocked and want to lock it remotely, you’re out of luck. In my opinion, if you’re going to bother with Z-wave locks, you really need to get the ones, like this, that can actually lock and unlock the door remotely. (If for no other reason than the supreme satisfaction you’ll feel when you hit one button on your controller and you hear every deadbolt in your house click into place one after the other.) So, I’ll just limit my review to a comparison between this Schlage unit and the aforementioned Kwikset lock. Fortunately for you, I happen to have a…

Wayne says:

A big improvement If you want locks with keypads, Schlage gives you a number of choices. This new touchscreen deadbolt overcomes some of the limitations of their previous offerings. Their gives you a good way to get started and even includes the z-wave controller. While it works well, it defeats the purpose of having an automated system unless your deadbolt is automated too. And frankly, with this deadbolt, I can’t see a strong need for a locking handset. Schlage also offers a but that too has its limitations. An advantage it has is battery life. Instead of moving the deadbolt, it enables or disables it. So you can’t really lock it remotely, and “unlocking” is a matter of enabling it so…

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